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Companion Care and Other Ways To Look After Your Elderly Parents From A Distance

While it would be nice to personally care for your elderly parents and attend to their needs, sometimes it just isn’t possible. They may be living peacefully in Bastrop, TX while you’ve set up your life halfway across the country. In situations like this, it would be inconvenient for either of you to move, and you’re probably wondering how else you can care for them in spite of the distance.

Whether you’re living a few blocks away, a city away, or even an ocean away, here are some great ways to show your parents that you still care about them no matter how far you are.

Consider elderly companion care

Your elderly parents may not be fit enough to take care of themselves anymore. If they need some extra help, you can sign them up for senior companion care services. With companion care services, they may find life is significantly easier for them. Your parents will have someone to attend to their needs, do their groceries, and most importantly, be there for them when you can’t. 

With elderly companion care services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s a trained professional right there with your parents should anything happen to them. Additionally, you’ll ensure that your parents will have that irreplaceable human interaction so that they don’t get lonely.

Keep in touch

Your parents will want to know how their child is doing, so you should try to keep in touch with them. Technology makes it easier to stay in touch with people than ever.

“Keeping in touch” can mean many different things for people. If your parents know how to use technology, it’ll be easy to talk to them every now and then on messaging apps. If your parents prefer hearing your voice, you can call them on their phones. Even airmail can be a great way to keep in contact with them if you attach a photo or two to your letter.

By contacting them and doing it often, you’re ensuring your parents that they’re still important to you and that you want to keep them involved in your life. Even just a single 10-minute call will mean a lot to your parents.

Surprise them

Though it’d be nice to chat with your parents often, life can get in the way. When you just can’t seem to find the time to spare for a phone call, you can always send a gift to let them know that you’re still thinking about them.

A care package full of items they like (i.e., sweets, books) may seem like a great gift, but consider sending something that will be more useful to them.

Consider sending them a new phone or tablet, or even upgrading their existing ones. Their quality of life might improve with a phone that had a brighter screen, big buttons, and hearing aid compatibility. If they know how to use them or have someone that will teach them, this will give them an easy way to stay in contact with everyone and view pictures and memories.

If your parents aren’t the biggest fans of gadgets, you can send them other practical gifts as well. Some adaptive clothing or shoes will help if they have certain conditions like arthritis.

Show that you care

No matter what you choose to do for your elderly parents, what’s important to them is that you continue to show that you haven’t forgotten about them. Despite the distance that may be between you, they are sure to appreciate any effort.

If you have any more questions about caring for your elderly parents or want to sign them up for a companion care service, call Lutra Home Care at 512-229-3838 to help find the best way to make your parents’ lives comfortable and convenient.


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