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3 Questions to Ask When Looking For A Home Care Agency

We all desire to care for the people we love. For a variety of reasons, a family caregiver may not be an option for seniors. The reality of living far away from our aging loved ones or caring for our own children often prevents this from being a manageable reality. In a situation when we are unable to care for our loved ones in the manner we would like, it may be necessary to hire a home care agency to provide care. 

However, this introduces a new concern: how do you select a home care agency that will provide professional and compassionate care to your loved one? This concern is to be expected, but by knowing some questions to ask you can feel more comfortable in the selection process.

Question #1: How long have you been in business and what is the experience level of your caregivers?

As with any business, the longer a company has been operational typically indicates it will be more stable and will be in business for the duration of the time your loved one needs care. 

It is also important to inquire as to the experience the caregivers have in relation to the needs your loved one has (i.e.: whether they have experience with a disease process, such as dementia, or in using specialized equipment, such as a Hoyer lift.)

Question #2: What would one of your caregivers do in this situation?

Give a specific situation that may arise while a potential caregiver is providing assistance to your loved one. This can be related to their personality or their condition. For example, you could ask what one of their caregivers would do if your loved one is uncooperative when it comes to accepting care. 

Question #3: What if my usual caregiver gets sick or is on vacation?

Everyone needs a break at some point, and your loved one’s caregiver is no exception. 

A good home care agency will provide a backup caregiver who is ready to provide care when your usual caregiver is unable to. Having a backup caregiver ensures that no matter what happens, your loved one will get the quality service they deserve.

Finding the right home care service

Overall, you are asking these questions to ensure that your loved one is getting the best experience.  By asking these questions, you will rest easy knowing that your loved one is being cared for by someone you can trust.

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