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About Lutra Home Care

Better Together

Our mission at Lutra Home Care is to provide exceptional care to our clients wherever they call home. We value, invest in, and build up our employees.

Happy clients recommend us to their loved ones, passionate caregivers refer friends and family to us for employment, and community partners feel confident that we care for everyone in a compassionate and professional manner.

We believe in community, connection and service.

Our Values

Company Profile

The values below encompass what all our caregivers strive for on a daily basis.

Better Together

We love partnering with people and believe that our community is stronger when we all work together.

Servant Leaders

We are here to serve everyone: our clients and their families, the communities we live in, our caregivers, and our employees.

Knowledge Seekers

We have a passion for learning and believe in investing in professional development and growth opportunities.

Constantly Improving

We know that there is always room for growth and constantly seek it to provide better care for our clients.

Open Minded

We embrace new ideas, people, cultures, and experiences.

Transparent Communicators

We believe in trust, honesty, and respect in all aspects of our relationships.

Giving Back

We believe in making a difference. To further our mission of changing lives and communities, we regularly donate a portion of our profits to local non-profit organizations and our employee assistance fund.

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